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Friday, April 07, 2006

Theoria et Praxis

A recurring theme in the blog is the orthagonal nature of reliable messaging, the most reliable message being that of Love, which is continually giving birth to the universe.

The God of Love asks us to first love him with all our hearts and minds and then to Love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

Study is a form of love that is produced by the mind. In order to internalize spiritual doctrine (theoria) the full focus of the will must be brought to bear. So we love God by studying his word as relvealed to us in the text of the Old and New Testaments. This can be taken as the vertical approach to Love.

There is a horizontal approach evident in the above commandment - it is to apply the lessons of Love received while in study with the Theoria (pure knowledge). Aristotle referred to this as Praxis (practical knoweldge)

By first receiving Love from the word of God in continual study (Theoria) the result should be the re-transmission of this Love into the world around us (Praxis).

Please note the order implied in the above commandment: Theoria first, followed by Praxis.


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You will be pleased to know that this fine site has been awarded the very first Clever Beyond Measure Stupid Blog of the Week award. Congratulations--a blog must be very stupid in order to receive this prestigious recognition.

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