The Big Talk Theory of the Origin of Life(BTTOL)

MISSION STATEMENT: Refutation of thermodynamics as a biogenesis. BTTOL researchers are organized around the sole purpose of preventing any biogenesis other than a Personal Cause from being legally recognized.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Big Prayers

Thus far, this blog has sought to give illumination on the Origin of Life. In doing so, we have arrived at a recurring message of Love that is simultaneously being transmitted to all parts of the universe.

The question now is: who is listening and why? Given that Love is a message only comprehensible in spirit, prayer would seem to have a role to play in the reception of this message.

Meditation is practised by every human being in some form. Loving prayer is a special instance of meditation whose point of focus is exactly Love. When we meditate on Love, we invariably receive it.

The power of loving prayer is well documented. Its advocates generally practice exactly the method given in this blog: often, everywhere and in as big a group as can be arranged, in order to receive mamixum benefit.

What excatly are the benefits of loving prayer? Since Love is the message being recieved, then the effects are exactly those outlined by the BTTOL - renewal not only of internal constitution (body, mind, soul) but also external circumstances.

Practicioners of this ancient discipline engage in it for exactly these reasons - to come to a more perfect relationship with themselves, each other and the world around them.

Since Love is an unchanging message, the continual reception of this message would bring about a more perfect reception of the very message which created the universe (BTTOL), including the receptors themselves.

The neglect of loving prayer would result in a gradual deterioration of the universe, since the originating message would not be received, and entropy (noise) would eventually reign.

Since loving prayer is a corporate activity in its most powerful form, and the universe requires it's continual reception, we need only to find such a corporate entity in order realize the truth of the message in the BTTOL.

Christianity refers to itself as such a body (corporate). The God of the Christians is Love. When they pray, they are focused on Love. No other group of individuals seem to be organized so perfectly as a receptor of this message. The Word of God is Love. Love transmitted by faithful study of the Bible, and received in continual prayer, individual members contributing to the mass reception at all times, in all parts of the world.

It is believed at at some point, the reception of this message of Love will be so perfect that the Kingdom of God will manifest permanently in this universe, with the earth being its throneroom, and the faithful being its courtiers.