The Big Talk Theory of the Origin of Life(BTTOL)

MISSION STATEMENT: Refutation of thermodynamics as a biogenesis. BTTOL researchers are organized around the sole purpose of preventing any biogenesis other than a Personal Cause from being legally recognized.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Who is listening to the Big Talk?

In our previous postings, we have arrived at some startling results:

1) Love is the message that birthed (and continually gives birth) to life and the universe.
2) Messages must have the orthagonal properties of redundancy and parallelism.
3) Love must have many willing and patient receptors (parallelism).
4) Free will and faith are required to ensure sucessful (error-free) rebirth.
5) Love is a continually spoken message from a transpersonal source (redundancy).

I stress that the word transpersonal implies the existance of what would most accurately be described as Spirit. Thus, the source of this transpersonal message can be taken as the Spirit of Love.

What about the transpersonal message receptor whose primary concern is the reception of this message of Love? Since mankind is the only class of being capable of both free-will and faith, this receptor can be referred to as the Spirit of Man.

In order to further support these statements, the next posting will seek to determine whether there exist any group or groups within mankind which can be shown to possess these beliefs, and are engaged in the active error-free rebirth of life and the universe.


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