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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Zeroth World

We have all heard the old expression that "The Pen is mightier than the Sword". It should follow then, than speech is mightier still. This website is dedicated to the idea that life itself was expressed into existence.

To explore this analogy further, swords are designed, designers use pens. Any designer will tell you, a design can only be as good as it's intent. Intent requries expression to make itself known. Speech is the most powerful means to express intent that we posess.

So powerful in fact, it separates us from all other forms of life (on this planet). What is it about speech that gives it such expressiveness? It would seem, that to express our will (intent) to survive, we might have developed other means to do this such as body language or pheromones like the rest of the animal kingdom.

Many species of life can make noises, but do they have voices? A voice is inseparable from the intent that gives it birth. If animals had voices, surely their will or intent would be made known. A dog might make a certain barking, and lie down. Repeated enough times, even the slowest of mankind would anticpate the dog's intent to lie down by this special bark.

We speak and then we act. The action is born of speech. This birth is a very pure form of creation. The world as we know it is birthed by our words. We accept this so easily, that our will, our words, our actions create and maintain the world as we know it. Such power is unique to Mankind on Earth. Our capacity for creativity is boundless, yet develops slowly.

It is galling and an affront to our sense of importance to know that many of life's complexities are still unknown to us. The world represents to us that which is known, hence the expression the "Known World". This implies a world unknown, that awaits discovery. As we expand our capacities, our world becomes more powerful, as does our sense of importance.

Even we admit that within mankind there exist first, second, and third worlds. A literal waterfall of creative power, and truly expressed as a fountain of knowledge which is words. New knowledge is light in the darkness to a world that recieves it. It is not irresistable to follow this progession backwards to the "Zeroth World"? The source of all knowledge, which is continually speaking the next world into being.


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