The Big Talk Theory of the Origin of Life(BTTOL)

MISSION STATEMENT: Refutation of thermodynamics as a biogenesis. BTTOL researchers are organized around the sole purpose of preventing any biogenesis other than a Personal Cause from being legally recognized.

Friday, October 21, 2005

BigTalk and the Turing Test

The best example of FSC in computer programming is genetic algorithms. Anyone who has tried it knows that the programmer must make heuristic judgements that cull the herd. These heuristics are by definition of much higher FSC than any resulting organization produced my the algorthim. Meta-FSC if you like.

It is very easy to make programs (FSC) that produce endless amounts of OSC and RSC (ordered and random sequence complexity). I stand by the statement that designing Functional Sequence Complexity (FSC) remains in the realm of intelligent design. Implications towards a winning strategy for the Turing test?

Water does not run uphill for very long.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Zeroth World

We have all heard the old expression that "The Pen is mightier than the Sword". It should follow then, than speech is mightier still. This website is dedicated to the idea that life itself was expressed into existence.

To explore this analogy further, swords are designed, designers use pens. Any designer will tell you, a design can only be as good as it's intent. Intent requries expression to make itself known. Speech is the most powerful means to express intent that we posess.

So powerful in fact, it separates us from all other forms of life (on this planet). What is it about speech that gives it such expressiveness? It would seem, that to express our will (intent) to survive, we might have developed other means to do this such as body language or pheromones like the rest of the animal kingdom.

Many species of life can make noises, but do they have voices? A voice is inseparable from the intent that gives it birth. If animals had voices, surely their will or intent would be made known. A dog might make a certain barking, and lie down. Repeated enough times, even the slowest of mankind would anticpate the dog's intent to lie down by this special bark.

We speak and then we act. The action is born of speech. This birth is a very pure form of creation. The world as we know it is birthed by our words. We accept this so easily, that our will, our words, our actions create and maintain the world as we know it. Such power is unique to Mankind on Earth. Our capacity for creativity is boundless, yet develops slowly.

It is galling and an affront to our sense of importance to know that many of life's complexities are still unknown to us. The world represents to us that which is known, hence the expression the "Known World". This implies a world unknown, that awaits discovery. As we expand our capacities, our world becomes more powerful, as does our sense of importance.

Even we admit that within mankind there exist first, second, and third worlds. A literal waterfall of creative power, and truly expressed as a fountain of knowledge which is words. New knowledge is light in the darkness to a world that recieves it. It is not irresistable to follow this progession backwards to the "Zeroth World"? The source of all knowledge, which is continually speaking the next world into being.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Big Talk vs The Big Bang

The implications of the Big Talk are manifold.
Please observe that BTTOL shares a certain symmetry with BBTOU (Big Bang)

Big Talk and Big Bang both:
- Make no assumption of original cause or agency.
- Are found in ancient texts (Old Testament, etc)
- Leave open the proposition that there may be terminals, not just origins.

Whereas the Big Bang cannot explain the origin, BTTOL does at least observe that a higher source of FSC must pre-exist genetic FSC.

The Big Talk may be yet sustaining life, just as the Big Bang may yet be expanding the Universe.

Message in the BTTOL Overview

In order to arrive at the mechanism which orginated the genetic code, we might first observe that life is a code.
This suggests that codes pre-existed genetics.  Codes are sequences whose complexity can be classified into one of three categories:

OSC - Ordered Sequence Complexity
RSC - Random Sequence Complexity
FSC - Functional Sequence Complexity

Of all sequences in existence, only expressions of human intelligence (eg langauges)  were believed to exhibit FSC.
But According to Abel & Trevors 2005:

"FSC  is invariably associated with all forms of complex biofunction, including biochemical pathways, cycles, positive and negative feedback regulation, and homeostatic metabolism. The algorithmic programming of FSC, not merely its aperiodicity, accounts for biological organization.
No empirical evidence exists of either RSC of OSC ever having produced a single instance of sophisticated biological organization. Organization invariably manifests FSC rather than successive random events (RSC) or low-informational self-ordering phenomena (OSC)."

So we have that the genetic code only fits into the FSC category, heretofore a "Sentients Only" club.
This brings us to the crux of the Big Talk Theory.  It is an observable fact that for a sequence to be functional, it's originating source must have the functionality to produce FSC, and must therefore be of higher FSC.
Thus all FSC originates from sources of higher FSC. An example would be a computer program which produces music.

There are no examples of FSC giving rise to sequences of higher complexity (FSC).
Recall that there are only two sources of FSC: intelligent (prescriptive) expressions and genetic code.
While genetic code is of limited FSC, intelligent expressions are of arbitrary FSC. While genetics can originate some forms of intelligent expression in humans, it cannot account for expressions which are of higher FSC than itself.

So, we  are left with the conclusion that genetics (life) must have originated from some form of intelligent expression, eg. life
was spoken into existence.

Hence we have the "Big Talk" theory of the orgin of life.