The Big Talk Theory of the Origin of Life(BTTOL)

MISSION STATEMENT: Refutation of thermodynamics as a biogenesis. BTTOL researchers are organized around the sole purpose of preventing any biogenesis other than a Personal Cause from being legally recognized.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Against Manufacturing Descent

Personal Cause (PC) biogenesis requires the existance of an original author, owner and manager of all genetic (original) information. Any biogenesis that is not framed as a Person (having legal rights of ownership) could then be considered defraudment of said Person.

Intelligent Design (ID) and Intelligent Evolution (IE) and Neo-Darwinism (ND) are corruptions of the Personal Cause biogenesis.

Personal Cause (PC) biogenesis (Eg. Genesis 1:1):
- "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth"

Neo-Darwinist (ND) biogenesis:
- From the beginning, the universe was randomly evolved.

Intelligent Design (ID) biogenesis:
- From the beginning, the universe was intelligently designed.

Intelligent Evolution (IE) biogenesis:
- From the beginning, the universe was intelligently evolved.

The latter three biogeneses are deletion mutations (corruptions) of the PC - they intentionally neglect that the "universe" has a personal first cause. This is the underlying legal basis for continued fraudulent claims to genetic information.

Corruption of the PC biogenesis requires agnostic faith. Thomas Huxely wrote "Agnosticism" in 1889, and pronounced it to be a faith, complete with a biogenesis that is a corruption of the original PC biogenesis.

Post-modern science is hence an agnostic religion, whose politics are directed towards continuing legal victories in the custody battle of the genome. Any and all evidence towards an existing author, owner and manager (PC biogenesis) is met with refutation.

Random Mutation and Natural Selection (RM+NS) are biological expressions of entropy. The continued preservation of genomic information hence transcends the laws of thermodynamics. This can be considered reasonable and sufficent proof PC (transcendent) biogenesis.

Evolution is RM+NS (biological entropy/thermodynamics) as biogenesis, whether random (ND), designed (ID) or front-loaded (IE). This is the crucial legalistic requirement to allow patenting of genetic material, and must be rigorously investigated and challenged.

Refutation of thermodynamics as a biogenesis is the new Mission Statement for this blog. BTTOL researchers are organized around the sole purpose of preventing any biogenesis other than a personal cause from being legally recognized.

Historical Precendent:

1) The Book of Acts 17:22-33 describe the Apostle Paul encountering the agnostics of his day at the "Altar of the Unknown God". Agnosticism is apostasy, defrauding the PC biogenesis of legal rights of ownership.

2) The Second Book of Thessalonians 2:3 speaks of ever growing apostasy, which must be opposed until the Personal Cause exerts the legal rights entitled by ownership.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Theoria et Praxis

A recurring theme in the blog is the orthagonal nature of reliable messaging, the most reliable message being that of Love, which is continually giving birth to the universe.

The God of Love asks us to first love him with all our hearts and minds and then to Love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

Study is a form of love that is produced by the mind. In order to internalize spiritual doctrine (theoria) the full focus of the will must be brought to bear. So we love God by studying his word as relvealed to us in the text of the Old and New Testaments. This can be taken as the vertical approach to Love.

There is a horizontal approach evident in the above commandment - it is to apply the lessons of Love received while in study with the Theoria (pure knowledge). Aristotle referred to this as Praxis (practical knoweldge)

By first receiving Love from the word of God in continual study (Theoria) the result should be the re-transmission of this Love into the world around us (Praxis).

Please note the order implied in the above commandment: Theoria first, followed by Praxis.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Big Prayers

Thus far, this blog has sought to give illumination on the Origin of Life. In doing so, we have arrived at a recurring message of Love that is simultaneously being transmitted to all parts of the universe.

The question now is: who is listening and why? Given that Love is a message only comprehensible in spirit, prayer would seem to have a role to play in the reception of this message.

Meditation is practised by every human being in some form. Loving prayer is a special instance of meditation whose point of focus is exactly Love. When we meditate on Love, we invariably receive it.

The power of loving prayer is well documented. Its advocates generally practice exactly the method given in this blog: often, everywhere and in as big a group as can be arranged, in order to receive mamixum benefit.

What excatly are the benefits of loving prayer? Since Love is the message being recieved, then the effects are exactly those outlined by the BTTOL - renewal not only of internal constitution (body, mind, soul) but also external circumstances.

Practicioners of this ancient discipline engage in it for exactly these reasons - to come to a more perfect relationship with themselves, each other and the world around them.

Since Love is an unchanging message, the continual reception of this message would bring about a more perfect reception of the very message which created the universe (BTTOL), including the receptors themselves.

The neglect of loving prayer would result in a gradual deterioration of the universe, since the originating message would not be received, and entropy (noise) would eventually reign.

Since loving prayer is a corporate activity in its most powerful form, and the universe requires it's continual reception, we need only to find such a corporate entity in order realize the truth of the message in the BTTOL.

Christianity refers to itself as such a body (corporate). The God of the Christians is Love. When they pray, they are focused on Love. No other group of individuals seem to be organized so perfectly as a receptor of this message. The Word of God is Love. Love transmitted by faithful study of the Bible, and received in continual prayer, individual members contributing to the mass reception at all times, in all parts of the world.

It is believed at at some point, the reception of this message of Love will be so perfect that the Kingdom of God will manifest permanently in this universe, with the earth being its throneroom, and the faithful being its courtiers.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Who is listening to the Big Talk?

In our previous postings, we have arrived at some startling results:

1) Love is the message that birthed (and continually gives birth) to life and the universe.
2) Messages must have the orthagonal properties of redundancy and parallelism.
3) Love must have many willing and patient receptors (parallelism).
4) Free will and faith are required to ensure sucessful (error-free) rebirth.
5) Love is a continually spoken message from a transpersonal source (redundancy).

I stress that the word transpersonal implies the existance of what would most accurately be described as Spirit. Thus, the source of this transpersonal message can be taken as the Spirit of Love.

What about the transpersonal message receptor whose primary concern is the reception of this message of Love? Since mankind is the only class of being capable of both free-will and faith, this receptor can be referred to as the Spirit of Man.

In order to further support these statements, the next posting will seek to determine whether there exist any group or groups within mankind which can be shown to possess these beliefs, and are engaged in the active error-free rebirth of life and the universe.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Message in the BTTOL

In the previous post, some of the characteristics of the message in the BTTOL were explored. Invoking Shannon's theories of information, some of the message's error correcting capabilities were discussed.

Shannon's theories give orthagonal characteristics that any message must possess in order to be reliably received; namely:

1) Parallelism (vertical)
2) Redundancy (horizontal)

This is an accurate characterization of any kind of reliable communication. But what is the message? Given that this message created (and is continually doing so) life, the universe and everything, it can be postulated that the message has something to do with creativity, birth, conception and a core intent to be made manifest (labour).

In no special order:
- creativity
- birth
- conception
- labour

If the above keywords are placed into any popular search engine, the word "Love" appears in the most relevant results.

Could Love be the message in the BTTOL? Is Love a message? If so, then we know that in order for an entity to reliably receive Love, an orthagonal approach must be undertaken.

Firstly (in the vertical), there must be receptors, preferably as many as possible. Since Love implies consent, any receptor must possess free will. This would require entities choosing to believe that the message of Love exists, is being continually broadcast everywhere from some transpersonal source, and can be received.

Secondly, (in the horizontal) these willing entities would require an unwavering ability to persevere in the decision to act as receptors.

Consider the following wikipedia definition of the word "faith":

"The word faith has various uses; its central meaning is similar to "belief", "trust" or "confidence", but unlike these terms, "faith" tends to imply a transpersonal rather than interpersonal relationship – with God or a higher power. The object of faith can be a person (or even an inanimate object or state of affairs) or a proposition (or body of propositions, such as a religious credo). In each case, however, the faithful subject's faith is in an aspect of the object that cannot be rationally proven or objectively known. Faith can also be defined as accepting as true something which one has been told by someone who is believed to be trustworthy. In its proper sense faith means trusting the word of another."


So reception of the Love that is the message in the BTTOL requires orthagonal faith - many willing and patient receptors.

In the next posting, a summarization of the results of the discussion thus far will be given.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Claude Shannon: A BigTalker?

Claude Shannon's well known Information Theories have direct impact on the Big Talk Theory.

Given that the BTTOL claims that the universe was spoken into existance, Information Theory becomes extremely relevant to this central statement.

For messages to be sent and recieved on any given channel, noise must always be taken into account. There is always a probability that the orginal message will be corrupted on route to its destination ("Principal Skinner likes fudge silly bungle apple cherry")

Shannon's theories give limits to how much information can be reliably transmitted and recieved on a given channel, yeilding the measures of information bandwidth very much in use today.

BTTOL claims there is an originating message that created life, the universe and everything. It not only was received by the universe, it actually contained the receiving universe.

There is an on going exploration (on this blog, at least) of the idea that this universe-carrying message is still being transmitted. This would fit with Shannon's theories, in that in order to improve reception, one means is to repeat the message continually.

This reduces the over-all bandwidth (information limit), reducing the probability that the universe is infinite not only in spatial dimension, but also temporally as well.

Another means of improving reception is to have parallel receivers aligned in an array. This opens up the possibility of parallel universes, each having identical probability of reception error.

This gives two necessary error-correcting characteristics of BTTOL

1) BTTOL is a repetitive signal (continually broadcast)
2) BTTOL is a parallel signal (multiple channels)

In essence BTTOL is the same message transmitted over and over, simultaneously recieved everywhere.

In the next posting, the meaning of the BTTOL message itself shall be explored.

Friday, October 21, 2005

BigTalk and the Turing Test

The best example of FSC in computer programming is genetic algorithms. Anyone who has tried it knows that the programmer must make heuristic judgements that cull the herd. These heuristics are by definition of much higher FSC than any resulting organization produced my the algorthim. Meta-FSC if you like.

It is very easy to make programs (FSC) that produce endless amounts of OSC and RSC (ordered and random sequence complexity). I stand by the statement that designing Functional Sequence Complexity (FSC) remains in the realm of intelligent design. Implications towards a winning strategy for the Turing test?

Water does not run uphill for very long.